on depression

This is so nice. I wake up after a two hour nap After the ten hour sleep I had Then an hour for extra measure One more for the pleasure I looked to you all smiles Carefully crinkling my eyes You smile. I smile. Your lips draw your practiced smile And I draw mine wider … Continue reading on depression



The coffee after the fight Was so nice, warm, light Yet you sipped it and pushed it Away and all but spilt it. ~.~   So, I faced you squaring Braving and bracing. And took and bore the blame Of all of the 51 point 5 percent. ._.   And for being this pleasant to … Continue reading Coffee~


Many things Said From you to me, Fewer Said In between.   The questions You hold The answers to. The silence You drag To answer you.   Motivations That play On insecurities. Expectations That lay On impossibilities.   People Who failed, Failed you. People You failed, Failed you too.   Many things Said From me … Continue reading You