‘You’ll be there for me’

I know. You’ve said it before.

You’ve said it before

A few times more

So I know.

I know the look in your eyes

As they fall to mine

That you’ll say as you say


‘You’ll be there for me.’


As you say it you feel it

I know you do

You feel that you mean it

Ofc you do

For you mean it in real

And not in pretend.

Like I pretend as I repeat


‘You’ll be there for me.’


You won’t, my love

You won’t be there.

The feel that you will,

It’s the moment you feel

A moment like so many

That came and went.

Like the dog movie about the dog.

Who died, you cried and you turned it off

The way you can’t turn off a full time job.


You have life and you have love

Love apart from you and me.

Me that wants you to be there for me

You who needs to realize, to see

Love, you can’t be there for me.

But you can make me believe

Believe it too as you repeat


‘You’ll be there for me.’

And then not be there for me.




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